The Hitkarini Engineering College Alumni Association(HECAA) is the official alumni association of the Hitkarini College of Engineering and Technology(HCET), Jabalpur. HECAA provides a platform to connect the alumni, students, faculty and staff of HCET, Jabalpur. The Aims and Objectives of the HECAA are as follows:

  1. To provide a forum to establish a link between the alumni, staff and students of the institute.
  2. To enable the alumni to participate in activities which would contribute to the general development of the institute.
  3. To keep the alumni abreast of scientific and technological developments of national importance.
  4. To help the alumni with their technical problems.
  5. To institute prizes and scholarships, and render financial aid to deserving students of the institute.
  6. To contribute towards the welfare of the alumni.
  7. To enrich current students by supporting “Beyond Curriculum Program” of HCET.